Made in a 36 hour game jam: MakeGamesJLM Game Jam JLM 2021

The Jam theme was: "Just because you can't, doesn't mean you shouldn't"


Left arrow - go left
Right arrow - go right
Up arrow - jump up
Escape key - resets the level ( you may have to press ESC twice )

Other controls:
English letters, numbers, space key, underscore key - type words to the console
Enter key - submit words to the console

Differences from the 36-hour-jam version displayed in the jam:
- Added 2 more levels, for a total of 5.
- Recolored some static objects.
- Fixed the glitching so it glitches again when you lose. I like glitches.

Gameplay & code: Alon Tzarafi
Art & characters: Batsheva Schiff
Art & characters: Asher Rokach


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There needs to be a way to reset levels. I gave myself an absurd amount of health but gravity was too high to actually finish.

The  ESC key is the key to reset the level. typing 'reset' in the console also works.

A problem with fullscreen mode on a webpage is that the first ESC only gets out of fullscreen. So you may have to press ESC twice. I'll add instructions below the game.