Made in a 36 hours game jam: Totem Game Jam


Protect the planet from invaders by using the Spear Ships that  orbit around the planet.
Use the mouse OR touch input to drag a path from the spear ships into a number of enemies.
You can draw any path and the spear will follow it, however the speed of the spear varies.
To hit for maximum damage you need to have longer paths to build up the spear velocity.

In addition, each spear has a special attribute:

Fire Spear: Extra fire damage
Ice spear: Slows enemies down
Earth spear: Creates a single shock-wave that damages all enemies

Gameplay: Alon Tzarafi
Art: Ben Goldstein

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsAlon Tzarafi, BucketBen
TagsDrawing, Space, spears


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This is really cool I love the mechanic of drawing the trajectory of the spears and how you have to account for the enemy ship's speed.