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As you might know, this week has seen the release of the first "procedurally generated video game". As I was told, this is the first time ever that a procedural video game has been created. A truly remarkable scientific breakthrough in gaming !

To celebrate, while we at GamesForNoobs don't have the cutting edge technology to create a procedural world in all three dimensions, we did manage to make our world procedural in one of the dimensions.

The variety is incredible. You literally have 9.47 zimbillion meters of dick to explore!

━- How to play:

Use the arrow keys to navigate.
use SPACEBAR to attack.
and click "warp out" when you've gathered enough resources.
YOU CAN ALSO USE A GAMEPAD TO PLAY THIS GAME! Just use 'A' and 'Start' buttons

━- What do you do in the game:

**TODO: call in a team meeting, sit and figure this out. someday**

━- Whoa! How did you make this amazing game:

You see, unlike traditional video games who create every pixel by hand and manually write all the options, we rely upon the power of MATH to generate our world (normally, math isn't used in video game development), together with real world physics theories (such as gravity, and optics, for example) we've managed to create a game which is more than a game - it's a perpetual experience.

of boredom

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