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You know what they say - never trust a space-snake.
After getting repairs done on my exo-skeleton, all of my systems are malfunctioning.
My body is doing things on its own. I can't walk without shooting or doing something weird.
What did they do? Leave some digital venom? Expect me to pass out and sell my biochips?
I don't wait. I'm coming down the snake pit. Someone's gonna pay for this.

is a retro cyberpunk side-scroller game.
You play using only 4 directions (D-PAD or arrows) and the rest of your abilities are wired to those keys due to the digital venom of the snake oil salesmen.
You must finish your quest to restore your space suit to functioning order.

Code + Mechanics: Alon Tzarafi
Pixel Art: Alex Zlotin
Music: nene, sketchylogic, joth, oddroom


Play with either: arrow keys, WASD keys, or a gamepad.


Right - Wired to shoot
Left  - Wired to crouch (evades bullets)
Up    - Wired to grenade
Down - Glitches everything on the screen

The glitch effects many objects, as well as augmented living beings, causing everything to malfunction or to change modes of operation.
Use it to your advantage.

You can also find a version playable directly from the browser HERE.


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Great game, I really like the humor.