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Made for Global Game Jam 2020 !

Repair an NPC's brain and his personality traits, to fit specialized needs.

After each procedure, a patient must get past a specialized test. Essensially an obstacle course that ensure his brain has been fixed properly, and will function well in the society of Great Utopia.

The way you fix his brain affects his decision-making process. You can see the patient performing in first person but you can't control him directly. Balance the right personality for the patient to pass each test.

Watch him make all the right moves, or stay in the clinic and him have his brain endlessly tinkered with.

Alon Tzarafi - Development and game design

Hadi Danial - Development

Boris Ulyanskiy - Narrative and game design

Idan Zion - Music and sound


CerebralCalibration.zip 24 MB

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